UniDoc Provides Overview of Telehealth Sector Growth Opportunity

VANCOUVER, BC, — (January 19, 2022) – UniDoc Health Corp. (CSE: UDOC) (FRA: L7T) (“UniDoc,” or the “Company”), an innovator in the telehealth sector, is pleased to provide the following background information regarding its business model in relation to the growing sector opportunity.

UniDoc is a virtual telehealth solutions company. The Company’s primary offering under development has been branded as the Virtual Care Solutions Model (“VCSM”), a proprietary, customizable, and comprehensive telehealth solution that will integrate a range of physical enclosures, kiosks, and related configurable packaging with web-based services and analytical tools, along with access to the Company’s developing network of healthcare providers, pharmacies, and hospitals. The VCSM will include virtual/telehealth remote accessibility designed to provide patients with a live virtual visit with a doctor or other health professional in a controlled environment. The units will contain a selection of fully integrated diagnostic tools and are being designed to operate in locations such as pharmacies, community centres or care facilities through dedicated partnerships to be established with UniDoc. Additional diagnostic/interactive products and solutions are being purposed for the provisioning of health consultations from home or remote work environments.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, telemedicine refers specifically to remote clinical services, while telehealth can refer to remote non-clinical services. Therefore, we believe telehealth offers significant advantages and a wider range of available services including preventative, diagnostic and treatment services, offered remotely to patients using audio, video and other information and communications technology. Integrated telehealth solutions as envisioned by UniDoc, opens the door to a large segment of the population challenged by access, experience, or limited understanding of online computer technology. It is the Company’s belief that broadly deployed physical accessibility in controlled environments is the key to its business proposition.

In recent years, interest in the sector increased significantly, driven largely by challenges surrounding timely access to healthcare and the rise of consumer/patient demand. This increased interest in telehealth has sparked a period of significant overall growth of the sector.

  • According to industry research, the telehealth market was expected to grow to grow at a CAGR of 37.7% during the forecast period, to reach USD 191.7 billion by 2025 from an estimated USD 38.7 billion in 2020. (Telehealth/Telemedicine Market, November 2020, MarketsandMarkets).
  • Recent data showed telehealth utilization had stabilized at levels 38 times higher then before the pandemic (McKinsey & Co. July 9, 2021).
  • 57% of providers view telehealth more favourably than before COVID-19 and 64% are more comfortable with its use (McKinsey & Co. July 9, 2021).
  • Survey respondents indicate that between 40% and 60% of consumers want a broader set of virtual care solutions, such as a “digital front door” or lower-cost virtual health plan. (McKinsey & Co. July 9, 2021).
  • Forbes (Jan 6, 2022) states “Pandemic or not, the value of convenient and accessible virtual care has been realized.”
  • One-third of millennials and 41% of Generation Z prefer digital encounters with physicians over in-person visits. And with roughly half of employees using virtual health services in 2020 — up from 17% in 2019 — there’s still a lot of room to grow. (Forbes, Jan 6, 2022).

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven significant growth in adoption of technology in the North American healthcare industry. As the virus spread, healthcare systems have been forced to adapt traditional ways of providing healthcare, quickly changing the utilization of telehealth services. Providers that had already invested in virtual care solutions prior to COVID-19 were forced to test scalability of these solutions, and those that did not invest in such a solution were pushed to identify and leverage technology for the first time, thus driving the growth of new collaborations and the creation of significant market opportunities.

The October 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Virtual Care Solutions highlighted the trend of increased reliance on technologies, noting that by 2022 in North America 30% of all ambulatory encounters were predicted to be virtual, up from about 2% at the start of 2020, and further indicated that the structural changes are here to stay.

In this context, the Company believes that the ability to support the delivery of virtual care is now a viable and sustainable growth opportunity for innovative professional healthcare delivery organizations such as UniDoc. We believe virtual care has the power to reduce economic strain on the public system, improve treatment for those suffering from health-related challenges, and empower individuals to become more engaged in their health.

North America is still in the early stages of telehealth/telemedicine services, and trend data (Graphical Research, Feb 3, 2021) suggests the domestic digital health space continues to lag behind other developed countries. Telemedicine was initially developed to bring health services closer to remote populations with limited health resources. Later, it became a means to improve the quality of medical care by facilitating training and decision making of health care professionals in remote areas. Today, UniDoc is preparing a solution to offer broad nationwide access predicated on improving patient experiences by shortening timelines and delivering better outcomes.

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Antonio Baldassarre
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About UniDoc Health Corp. (CSE: UDOC) (FRA: L7T)

UniDoc is developing a telehealth solution which is being designed as a self-contained remote virtual clinic within a private kiosk for patients to undergo full consultations as if they were present in a physician’s office. Telehealth opens the doors to a large segment of the population challenged by access, experience or understanding of online computer technology. It is the Company’s belief that physical accessibility is the key to its business proposition. UniDoc is dedicated to unlocking shareholder value by delivering an excellent product and sophisticated commercial network within an expedited timeframe. Find out more at: https://unidoctor.com and connect with our social media on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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Mr. Chatterton brings over 18 years of experience in development and execution of complex projects. His  expertise includes project management, facility management, logistics, and supply side processes and  procedures at a number of operations in Canada and internationally. He has  been involved in the public markets for the last three years managing IPO processes and transitioning  businesses to post listing operations. Mr. Chatterton is a Professional Engineer and graduate of  Canada’s Queens University with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering Chemistry (2001) and Master’s degree in Chemical Process Engineering (2003).

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